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Russell's Yard (2022)

Collaboration with Artist Farrell Brickhouse

LABspace Gallery, NY (2022) "Mountain High, Valley Low"  (NY's @UpstateArtWeekend)

Farrell Brickhouse's series of paintings and drawings entitled Russell's Yard are re-envisioned as a virtual reality experience. Users drift through Brickhouse's memories as they explore the magical and playful stories he and his childhood friends created in response to the world around them. Russell's Yard is part of the Memory Rooms series of virtual and augmented reality projects.


Quest2 built with Unreal Engine, 3DSMax, Blender, ItSeez3D, Photoshop, PremierePro

Memory Rooms 2017

Memory Rooms, a virtual reality exhibit led by MakerSpace resident artist Beverly Peterson and MakerSpace coder Nicholas Devitto, enticed the audience. As a way to debut her documentary, Peterson has been experimenting with virtual reality technology. With Devitto's technical knowledge, the two have brainstormed a full-fledge walk-through of Peterson's film.” Staten Island Advance, July 15, 2017


HTC VIVE Room Scale. CGI and videos diaries built with Unity, Blender, Photoshop, PremierePro. Coding: Jump Into The Light, & N

2017 Official Selection FIVAC Camaguey, Cuba/ 2017 Makerspace NYC, Artist-In-Residency/ 2016 NYU, ITP summer program

When my 102­ year ­old Mom entered in­-home hospice she told me that “they” – presumably long dead relatives – were asking her to choose between a big house and a little house so that they could finish preparing it for her. This house, so clearly visible to my Mom and still hidden from me, is where the core and structure for Memory Rooms begins. And, as I lay next to her, documenting our chats, I knew just how this house was being prepared; layers and layers of memories and experiences that spanned back long before my brothers and sisters and I appeared, or even before she or my Dad were born. And, would continue long after me. This intimate VR experience takes viewers on a remarkable journey to Ireland, Mexico and Cuba to find and reclaim memories left behind during the journey of lives led. 

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