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Shaky's Meadow (2022) Collaboration with Artist David Pollack


Lockwood Gallery, NY (2022) "Dream Within A Dream"


David Pollack's watercolors are incorporated into an immersive 3D augmented projection that splashes across the gallery walls and Pollack's bird house sculptures. "Peterson plumbs the depths of mystery with her illuminated space. This immersive experience envelopes the visitor and invites participation as the outline of a house becomes a vehicle for transformation from one dimension to the next." Jen Dragon, DART International Magazine. May 2022  

- 2 channel projection, built with Madmapper and Photoshop

Self Storage 


Continuation of 'Memory Room' Series


Memory Rooms 2017

2017 Official Selection FIVAC Camaguey, Cuba

2017 Makerspace NYC, Artist-In-Residency

2016 NYU, ITP summer program

When my 102 year-old mother began in-home hospice, she told me that “they” – presumably long dead relatives – were preparing a house for her. The dreamlike journey through that same house, so clearly visible to my Mom and hidden from me, becomes the core and structure for Memory Rooms, a Virtual Reality documentary experience.

- CGI and videos diaries built with Unity. HTC VIVE Room Scale 

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