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Self Storage 2023

Self-Storage (work-in-progress) is constructed of moving boxes - like those I’ve dragged around through each life I’ve lived.  Video Projection Mapping splashes and wraps around their surfaces - as well as the ceiling and walls - displaying the memories and experiences tucked away inside. This chapter of the installation includes my husband’s boxes, painter Farrell Brickhouse, filled with paintings and journals of our life together.  Little houses, made of cardboard and tin, represent our life together in Montauk, Tribeca, Staten Island and Upstate New York. Observers peek inside these houses to see home movies and playful video diaries I’ve shot over the years. I also used AI programs to create animations of the box pile that are displayed on long woven scrims and throughout the piece. It creates a deeply personal and emotional experience that allows users to reflect on their own memories as they explore the dreamlike and immersive environment. This multi-modular scultural sections come together in a large 25'x40' space. However these modules also work independently as standalone installations for smaller spaces.

— Augmented Video Projection with AI animation

_ TSL Gallery, "Self-Storage" Solo Exhibition 2024


- 5 projectors & 6 video channels, built with Madmapper , Kaiber AI, Lexica AI, Unreal and Adobe, Photoshop, and After Effects


Shaky's Meadow (2022) Incorporates images and sculptures by Artist David Pollack


Lockwood Gallery, NY (2022) "Dream Within A Dream"


"This dedicated environment has an all encompassing, almost Virtual Reality space. With projected digitized stars in a recreated night forest, Peterson plumbs the depths of mystery with her illuminated space. This immersive experience envelopes the visitor and invites participation as the outline of a house becomes a vehicle for transformation from one dimension to the next." Jen Dragon, DART International Magazine. May 2022


David Pollack's watercolors are incorporated into an immersive 3D augmented projection that spill across the gallery walls and Pollack's bird house sculptures.

- 2 channel projection, built with Madmapper , Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro

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