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Official Selection, Festival Internationale de VideoArte de  Camaguey, Cuba (2015)

Webby Award Winner

One summer morning, Kevin Morrissey, managing editor at the Virginia Quarterly Review, walked to an abandoned coal tower, then dialed 911 to report a shooting before turning his gun on himself. After hearing evidence of discord between Kevin and his boss, Kevin’s sister Maria contacted the Workplace Bullying Institute and agreed to use Kevin’s case to pursue protective legislation. Even before Kevin’s death, filmmaker Beverly Peterson had been exploring workplace bullying, a condition which afflicts millions of Americans and can lead to severe anxiety, depression, and debilitating physical harm. After hearing of Kevin, Peterson traveled to Virginia to follow the story and developed a film that examines Kevin's case. What Killed Kevin is a documentary that ultimately questions the nature of bullying itself.

“...a brilliant use of technology for which Peterson was awarded Best Transmedia Website at the 2013 UFVA “Story First Conference” and has been praised by the Washington Post for showing how complicated human relationships can be when explored in depth.” - Psychology Today, 2014, “Documentary Asks Troubling Questions About Bullying.” 2008-2016

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"...New York independent filmmaker Beverly Peterson [is] a former bullying victim who devoted herself to telling others' stories. Her ongoing Web series, There Oughta Be a Law, debuted to raves at the 2008 International Association of Bullying and Harassment in the Workplace conference in Cardiff, Wales. 'It was like my Sundance,' Peterson says."

Joint proclamation from the NJ State Senate and Assembly for educational conferences developed by the National Workplace Bullying Coalition (NWBC)

7th International Conference on Workplace Bullying & Harassment

Chicken & Egg "I believe in You" Grant

Broward Commission Citation

Women and Film Festival “Locked Images: Family,Warriors and Art”, New Britain Museum of American Art, Connecticu


For years I traveled around the country interviewing experts, researchers, legislators, labor advocates, victims/targets, alleged bullies, business & HR reps, journalists and many others about workplace bullying. The increasing opportunities to self-distribute on the Internet gave me a new venue to explore this topic, not ordinarily on a programmer or funder’s radar. My work evolved and grew into a series of blogs, a Facebook Page and support group, and interactive documentaries under the titles; There Oughta Be a Law, Our Bully Pulpit, and No Job Is Worth This.  The hardest part of this project was to make others understand that these heart-wrenching stories are credible and deserve to be heard.


I became the founding President of the National Workplace Bullying Coalition, a non-profit organization incorporated in New Jersey. Some of the NWBC's accomplishments include:

Resolutions and proclamations supporting our efforts from: NJ Senate and Assembly Joint Legislative Resolution, National Association of Women Judges, and National Consortium on Racial and Ethnic Fairness in the Courts and the City of Newark. 


A conference in 2014 that included a welcome address from California Congressman Mike Honda and a presentation from New Jersey Senator Linda Greenstein.


A conference in 2015 that included a welcome address from California State Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, who got the California law regarding abusive conduct (i.e., workplace bullying) passed, and a keynote presentation from Assemblyman Antonio Parkinson, who got the Tennessee Healthy Workplace Bill passed.


Participation in the State of Tennessee’s task force as they created a template anti-bullying policy as required by state law.


Over 28,000 signatures on a petition urging President Obama to address workplace bullying – by far the largest petition of its kind.


“Take the Pledge” initiative during October 2014’s Bullying Awareness Month to encourage people to treat each other with dignity at work.


Memory Rooms 2017

2017 Official Selection FIVAC Camaguey, Cuba

2017 Makerspace NYC, Artist-In-Residency

2016 NYU, ITP summer program

When my 102 year-old mother began in-home hospice, she told me that “they” – presumably long dead relatives – were preparing a house for her. The dreamlike journey through that same house, so clearly visible to my Mom and hidden from me, becomes the core and structure for Memory Rooms, a Virtual Reality documentary experience.

- CGI and videos diaries built with Unity. HTC VIVE Room Scale 

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