Invisible Revolution

**Official Selection, 2001 Sundance Film Festival/ 2001 ALA Awards/MOMA Documentary Fortnight/Human Rights Watch Int'l Film Festival/ Broadcast Sundance Channel,  CBC's "Passionate Eye, and portions were aired on ABC, Dateline, & HBO's America Undercover"**

"Invisible Revolution captured a revealing interview with a young racist, Ben Smith, just 2 weeks prior to the deadly shooting rampage he went on in Indiana and Illinois before shooting himself. Among the stolen lives was the much beloved Ricky Birdsong, the former Northwest University basketball coach.Peterson's extraordinary access to skinheads, gutter punks, and mainstream kids drops the viewer into the front lines of a powerful, passionate, and very raw youth subculture. She documents not only the young people involved in the pro-white movement, but also the counter-movement that demonstrates against and often clashes with them: Anti-Racist Action (ARA). After a decade of going unheard, these voices create a stirring and unique look at urgent and timely issues that can be conveyed only by actually viewing the physical confrontations between the two groups as they collide in a war of ideas. Viewers will also become aware of the extreme danger that ARA members expose themselves to: in 1998 two members of ARA were murdered in the Las Vegas desert. Leonard, a 21-year-old neo-Nazi skinhead sums up: "We are two separate groups . . . There's always going to be racism. There's always going to be hate. We're going to do whatever it takes to get the other one out of the way . . ."

Educational Distributor: Filmakers Library

"unsettling and disturbing…" Diane Sawyer, Good Morning America